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Dr. Crute and her husband, Dustin, moved to North Carolina and she practiced there for several years. While they loved North Carolina, when their son was born, they decided it was time to come HOME and start Homegrown Chiropractic. They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and quality care to the residents of the Dayton area.

Our passion is helping people. We take the time to listen to find out who you are as a person and how to best serve you. We strive to get to the root of the problem to end needless suffering from pain. Our method is safe and effective as we use a common sense approach to align the body, heal the soft tissue, and then rehabilitate the body to maintain results, which keeps the problem from coming back. Our goal is to teach everyone how to be their own health care advocates and we hope to help people stop just covering up their symptoms with pain pills. We can help you with so much more than neck and back pain! Some are shocked to know we can often help people even after they have already had spinal surgeries or knee/hip replacements. Whether it be headaches, rotator cuff problems, or plantarfasciitis…we help the body heal from head to toe!


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Directions: turn down Rushland to get to parking in the rear.

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