Medical Doctor Referral Plan

Homegrown Chiropractic Medical Doctor Referral Plan

For Patients - Because of Homegrown Chiropractic’s conservative approach to patient care and treatment, medical doctors understand that we will only schedule patients for the number of visits necessary to address the problematic condition and, most importantly, if the patient turns out to not be a candidate that will benefit from chiropractic care, the practice will then provide a referral to the appropriate professional who can help. We co-treat with Medical Doctors as our goal is to provide non-opioid options for pain management. We take referral appointments from a wide network of physicians such as family doctors, OB-Gyns, internists, orthopedics, physical therapists, and neurosurgeons. We understand the importance of prompt service for any anyone who is struggling with pain. If you are interested in a referral from your Medical Doctor for Chiropractic Care, contact us and we can provide your Doctor the appropriate paperwork and information.

For Area Physicians and Specialists - We are always looking to establish professional relationships. If you are interested in discussing how we may share in the betterment of patient health, please contact us. We offer valuable incentives and strive for a team approach to patient care.


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